What you should know about the Cameras

The camera is a device used to capture images. Over the years, cameras have changed both in structure and operation. Its history comes from "dark cameras" to new digital cameras, which are found in mobile devices and modern professional cameras. The company birmingham Photographer offers specialized services in photography that guarantees satisfaction to your needs.

First Appearances

Even though it is believed that the first camera appears in the 19th century, it was really in the 17th century with the creation of the dark camera when the history of the cameras began. It was a black box with a hole in one of the walls where the light passed, on the opposite wall a white paper was placed and the image was fixed to the paper. Being one of the pioneers of photography, the images were distorted and blurred, exposing the paper to light, it turned black.


In the nineteenth century, starting from the idea of the dark camera, variants and improvements of the cameras were created. One of the improvements was the Daguerreotype of 1839, which in essence was similar to the Dark Chamber, but the image adhered to a polished silver plate, to later be revealed with mercury. In 1854 the first photographic film was used, which managed to further reduce the exposure time. The cameras were more portable and more practical. The process was faster and allowed to have multiple objectives. Currently with new technologies and thanks to the advances of photography in the 20th century, the use of the telescope lens has been maintained, which was introduced for cameras since 1932 and has been maintained until now.

How do they work?

Its operation consists in the activation of a trigger that activates the internal mechanism which sends an electrical impulse that triggers the projection of the image, and if required, a flash for dark areas. It is stored in an internal memory, ready to be edited or disseminated. If it is a roll of negatives, that negative is used to transfer the image to a special paper.

The evolution of photographic equipment translates into incalculable benefits. The images are taken instantly and even edited digitally. Above all, the number of lenses has increased considerably, and more than 2,000 photos can be stored. In birmingham Photographer you can hire the best team and enjoy quality and good service.